Cocksucker: A YA Novel

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Ophelia Press will soon release my semi-autobiographical short novel, Cocksucker. It is about a young girl learning how to, and loving…well, the title gives that away.

It is being marketed as a Young Adult novel.  YA fiction today is certainly challenging the norm and pressing the envelope, speaking to the truth teens experience.

Yeah it might shock some, infuriate the conservative mind, but I have a strong feeling that teen girls, and grown women, who read this book will nod and say, “That’s how it was for me too.”

I won’t comment on what teen boys and grown men will say…only that I hope they enjoy this FICTION.

Excerpt for preview:

I had this crazy wild impossible crush on this totally hot guy who lived across the street, Ronny McFarland.  The problem was, he was fifteen and I was twelve, and kind of a nerd, so why would he even bother with someone like me?  I saw the kind of girls who came by to see him, girls his age, or at least thirteen, and they had boobs and wore mini-skirts and make-up. Why would he bother with a flat-chested lanky lass who wore glasses and braces?

It was a challenge, though, and that interested me. Kind of like a complicated algebra equation: it may seem impossible on first glance, but with some brain effort and determination, it can be solved.

I told my friend Heather, who is thirteen and a total sex fiend, about my crush and how I knew I could never do anything about it because I didn’t stand a chance.

“Baloney,” Heather said, “you’re a hot number for your age, Ashleigh. So what if you don’t have tits, you’re sexy as you are.”

Hey, I had bumps!

She stood me in front of the mirror in her bedroom and showed me. I knew my face was pretty, people said I could model some day or even model now. I was tall for eleven, five-foot-eight, and slender. I had a sort of “goth” or death metal chick look because I liked to wear black and paint my fingernails black.

Heather took off my glasses and was like, “You don’t need these.”

But what about my braces?

“Lots of guys like braces, especially men,” she said. “Men like young girls, even if they’re afraid to admit it. They want to corrupt us.”

I wasn’t interested in men; I wanted this fifteen-year-old boy.  But how was I going to catch his attention and get him to fall in love with me?

“Easy,” said Heather, “you give him the greatest sex he’s ever had.”

Problem: I was a virgin and planned to remain that way until I got married, or until I was for sure in love.  Not that I had anything against fooling around otherwise, I just wanted my defloration to be special.

“Then you suck his cock like it’s never been sucked before,” Heather said. “You drain that guy’s balls dry, you suck him off all day and make him blow his wad ten times, whatever it takes, you give him what those other beyotch’s can’t; you show him you’re the Crotch Eating Princess of this town, and he’ll be yours, believe me.”

It will be published alongside a companion novella from Sandra Boise, called The Secret Rituals of Arizona and Montana, also a YA novel about growing up in a not-so-happy house with a single alcoholic mother. It kicks ass over Bastard Out of Carolina.

A Warm Wet Kiss in the House of Incest

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My poetry book, A Warm Wet Kiss in the House of Incest, will be published soon by Ophelia Press. The poems are gathered from the past eight or even ten years. I don’t write poetry much but sometimes the Muse Bitch  rubs my noggin.  It is 90 pages of verse.


Here are two for preview:


First Kiss


His first kiss was like candy cane

in December, sweet and hard

w/ all the promises

of Santa—or is that Satan?


I’m talking tongue in my mouth

not a peck on the cheek

or a dab on the lips


I’m talking exchanging saliva

& touching me between the

legs and making me wet


Daddy, kiss me again.

I miss that touch; that embrace;

that feeling of comfort and love.





First Penis


it looked so ginormous

from my



a pulsing purple head

the little hole for pee-pee

thick veins that seemed alive

like Medusa’s snake hair


“strecth,” he said,

“you can do




& he did




my best friend’s father,

smelling of stale beer

& adult semen,


he took my cherry

& made me bleed

only to find a need

I didn’t know

was there.


I became jealous of

my best friend, because

she had this big daddy dick


& I did not (yet)


she would tell me

in secret

how she sucked the milk

from his gianormous

love machine


how he tried to get it in

her butt


how much she hated it,

never knowing I craved




when her daddy loved me

during stolen moments


of sin and warmth

Oh, Daddy! Our Love is Banned by Jeff Bezos!

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Last week I was a bit ruffled when the publisher of  Olympia Press told me Amzon Kindle had deleted one of my better-selling books, Aimee and Chloe…why?  Because it contained elements of incest and beastiality…and other titles started vanishing, like two anthology series I edit, Forbidden Desires and Taboo Acts...

At first I thought it was personal, like some of my enemies, ex-boyfriends and/or ex-girlfriends had someone managed to get me online through my book sales.  But I was not alone, as these blogs and articles attest.

What the fuck, eh?  I mean, there are hundreds of titles on Kindle with incest themes, and beasiality, some which sell rather well…I mean, why would Amazon put a small dent in their profit margin?

And then Barnes and Noble killed all of Olympia’s titles in ebook land, yet still sell the print on demand versions…

And then CreateSpace started to zap some of my books, and others…

A systematic moral attack.

Now, there is the legitimate argument that these companies have the right to sell or not sell whatever they want. I agree with that; but if they are going to take such a moral highground, then they must have the cajones to keep their integrity and ice ALL books with any form of incest, underage sex, beastiality, and etc, which includes the Bible, Lolita, Kathryn Harris’ The Kiss, and dozens of literary titles, memoirs, and sociosexual research.

On the other hand, Amazon’s CEO has gone on record as being a strong advocate of freedom of speech, so this makes him look like a big fat cocksucker of the moral police.

It ain’t so in other countries like our neighbors in Canada, eh, and the UK, for bloody sake, but here in the good ol US of A (at least for now), there are no restrictions of fiction and fantasy; that is, incest fiction can contain characters of any age and there need not be consent.  This is what fantasy is all about, peeps: THESE PEOPLE AREN’T REAL.  When things start getting to the policing of our thoughts and getting tossed in either the bughouse or the hoosegow for our thoughts and fantasies (like the French did to de Sade), then it’s time to immigrate to a distant island with the coconuts and bannanas, man.

Foreshadow of a future time under Obama?  Wait, IS Obama behind this, because he just published a children’s book? “Ahhm, I do not want my book to sell from a retailer that sells daddy-daughter fuck stories.”

Other affected writers such as Selena Kitt and Esmerlda Greene have been protesting n their blogs and other sites, and there have been a handful of online articles…but when will Time, Rolling Stone, and The Nation address what may become a serious, widespread issue?

I want Auroa Snow to protest by refusing to do any more anal sex videos until Amazon stops fucking America in the pooper!

I don’t think there has been enough of a cry of protest, so I am urging everyone to write to Amazon/KindleCreateSpace and say: “Hey, what gives? This is unAmerican activity!”

In protest, please purchase many of my banned titles from other outlets than Kindle or CreateSpace, and give them as Xmas gifts.

Beyond Smut and Evil: A Valerie Gray Reader

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It seemed like a good time for a “best of” collection, or a Reader, so it is out: Beyond Smut and Evil: A Valerie Gray Reader. Contains novel excerpts and stories reprinted from various places.

Of course, it is one of my titles that Amazon zapped off CreateSpace, days after it was put up. The Kindle is available.

You can get the ebook version from the publisher direct or at Mobipocket.

I’m on iTunes, Baby!

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Many of my books are now available via iTunes, for your iPad iBooks, or even iPhone…


Forbidden Desires! now available

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The antho I edited, Forbidden Desires! Volume One is now available on Kindle and other ebooks….paperback out soon…

All taboos are addressed…a little something for everyone…

Anthology – Forbidden Desires

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I am currently editing volumes one and two of an anthology series, Forbidden Desires, that The Olympia Press will publish later this year.