Wet T-Shirt Contest — a Free Short Story 4 YOU!


I stood in the room with the other girls and thought: I’m crazy.

I had let my girlfriends in the dorm talk me into this.

Janine, Heather and Wanda thought it would be a great idea for us to participate in the wet T-shirt contest at this bar off campus; but when I signed up for it they backed out and left me to do it alone.

I knew, then, they had set me up; this was planned.  They knew about my exhibitionist tendencies and they wanted to exploit it.

I looked at the T-shirt that I had been given; looked at the other girls who obviously had done this before or had seen one before. They were busy cutting their shirts down and trimming them to be more revealing.  The shirts had the bar logo on them, sold to customers for $10.

Had no idea what to do. Wasn’t even feeling very good about taking off my top and bra in front of them.

One of them noticed the flabbergasted expression on my face and walked over to me.       “First time in one of these?” she asked.

“Yeah…what do I do?”

“Give me your shirt and I’ll fix it up for you.”

I handed her my T-shirt and watched her cut off the sleeves with scissors. She cut the trim at the neck and held it up to me. She nodded to herself. She cut off a good chunk on the bottom and handed it back to me.

“Just get this on, and when you get on the stage, go with the flow. The guys out there will be happy with just about anything.  Drunk lugs all of them.”

“Walking cocks,” another girl said, and several laughed.

I smiled nervously and turned my back to the room.  Took off my top and bra and slipped the T-shirt on. Looked down and saw that it didn’t cover much of me. There was a wide strip of my skin between the bottom and my shorts.

Turned back to the room and looked at the other girls. Was glad that I was small on top. Some of the girls were pretty big in the chest, and when they were wet their boobs were going to be pretty obvious.

Bent down and took off my shoes, wanting to keep them dry. Sat on a chair and waited for my name to be called, hoping to be the last or that the MC would not have my name so I wouldn’t have to go out there.

Who was I kidding?  Deep down, I wanted to get on that stage and show off what I had to a horde of complete strangers.

One by one, names were called and we could hear music and cheers through the walls of the room. As each one came back I looked at them. They were soaked and you could see their nipples.

Was trying to remember everyone from my school that had come to this bar, but I couldn’t remember anyone but my three so-called friends who had backed out on me.  If I saw any guys that I knew, or even girls other than my friends, I was going to be pretty damned embarrassed. Hell, who was I kidding—I was going to be embarrassed anyway.

Wished that I was back at the dorm or maybe that I had drunk more. Wasn’t alcohol supposed to suppress your inhibitions?

Heard my first name called and I almost jumped.  I looked at the door and a big muscular man was motioning to me.  He took my arm and led me to some stairs leading to a stage.

Could hear cheering and screaming and I nervously walked up the stairs. Another big muscular man took my arm and led me to the corner of the stage where a thin guy with long hair was waiting with a water hose. They faced me into the corner and sprayed cold water all over the back of the shirt and my shorts.

It was freezing!

I was turned around and he sprayed my chest and the front of my shorts. Soaking wet, my hand was taken again and found myself at the center of the stage. Music was blaring behind me and I could see a sea of faces out there, screaming and cheering. Mostly men of various ages. Some women.

I let my body’s natural responses kick in gear; the deep bass of the music vibrated through my bones: started dancing and let my legs and body take over.  Looked down and saw that my nipples were quite erect from the cold water. They were poking against the fabric and I blushed, realizing how visible they were.

Janine, Heather and Wanda were yelling in front of me; they were at the center of the stage, down on the floor, and I could barely see them with the lights in my eyes. There were shouts like “show your tits”  and “take it off!” from the crowd. Heather yelled, “Get naked, slut!”     Tried to focus on the faces in front of me and to shake my wares as best I could. It was starting to get to become a rush, with all the guys cheering and yelling; I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of what was going on their minds. Were they fantasizing about taking me on the pool table, on the floor, in the back alley? I was like a dangling carrot of desire and to have so many guys cheering because I was on stage felt good, did wonders for my ego.

I turned and let them see my butt in my soaked shorts and moved my ass cheeks for them, getting even more cheers; they kept yelling “show your tits!” but I was not going to do that, not for anyone.

I did put my hands over my boobs and simulated squeezing them and that got a real good hot and applause from the guys. I was really starting to get into this. I had never got this much attention ever before in my life.  Why had I never done this before?  This was not demeaning, I realized, but empowering—I could control the crowd with my body, I had the power to give or deny what they wanted.

This control was more intoxicating than alcohol. I didn’t need to be drunk to strut my stuff on stage.

I kept dancing and swaying my hips and tried to shake my tiny boobs for them—I mean, I didn’t have the natural jiggle some women have.

Then the music was gone and the MC stood next to me, his arm around my shoulders. He asked my name, my school, and some other things I forget, I was so aped on adrenaline. I realized I was so wet between the legs but even if showed it didn’t matter because my shorts were drenched in water anyway.

The MV held his microphone so everyone could hear my answers. Then he asked me if I was going to show my tits to the crowd. I giggled shook my head no. “No way!” I said.

How little did I know my friends and their plans for me. He asked me again, trying to get me to flash, but I kept saying no no no, Joe. For every different way he asked, I shook my head and smiled sweetly. The crowd playfully boo’ed. Then he told me to remember that it was a three round contest with $500 going to the winner; he announced my name again to the crowd and I walked off the stage.

I was not going to show anything for any amount of money, I thought. What I was doing was enough to keep my friends off my ass. At least I got on stage, and they backed out.

I went to the backstage room and looked around. There were seven girls remaining now, soaked and dripping. Some were looking as shy as me, others a little more blatant. Felt I was holding my own. Wrung some of the water out of the shirt and the girl who had helped me came over.

“How do you feel?”

“I don’t know. It was sort of a rush to be up there,” I told her. “Was figuring I was going to be mostly embarrassed but I am excited too.”

“All those hot guys, I know.”

I didn’t know if they were hot…

“I’m definitely getting laid good tonight,” she said

“What happens now?” I asked.

“There’s two more rounds, so we’ll have to go up two more times, then the crowd will be asked to vote. Then one of us will be the winner, second, and third place.  I’m Missy, by the way.”

We shook wet hands.

“Who do you think will win?”

She said, “Whoever is willing to do the most on stage.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Some of these girls will show their tits and some may even take off their shirts. Whichever one is the boldest will win.”

I must have looked like a fish out of its bowl; and like a cartoon, my mouth was open so wide, agape, eyes bulging,

Me: “You can’t be serious!”

She: “Oh yes, at least one, probably two or three or will take off their shirts. For $200.00 won’t you?”

Me: “Absolutely not!”

I was naïve.

Didn’t figure on how mean my friends could be.


The girl’s names were called and they went on stage to the thundering roars and cheers; seemed like there were more people out there than before.

I sat on my chair and watched as they came back. The first two came through the door and I could see that their shirts were torn down the front. Then the third one came back topless. I couldn’t believe that a girl would do that. The fourth came back with her shirt in one piece and then the fifth was topless.

I was getting nervous again. Missy had gone on stage for her turn and I knew that I would be next. Even with my nerves I resolved to go through with this. My friends would tease me unmercifully if backed out now.

Missy came back with her shirt torn down part way and it was now my turn. I swallowed my fear and marched up to the stage. Once again I was sprayed back and front and in no time I was center stage again, hearing “show your tits, show your tits” like a chant.  I smiled as sweetly as I could I started dancing.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Janine, Heather and Wanda being boosted up on the stage by some guys. As soon as they were with me, they converged on me and started dancing with me. I felt a little better with them there at first, until Wanda got a grip on my arms. I was starting to turn my head to tell her to let go when someone grabbed the top of my T-shirt and tore it down the middle. I shrieked and felt the cool air hit my nipples like a slap in the face.  The shirt was pulled down off my shoulders and left hanging behind my back.

My boobs were completely uncovered.

Janine grinned at me, then she spoke.

“Keep dancing. Just keep dancing.”

Wanda still held my arms and I tried to get away and cover up but she was stronger than I was. Heather took one of my arms and the two of them moved to my sides. Janine was dancing in front of me, with me and she smiled at me nastily; she reached for the button on my shorts. They were holding me so I couldn’t get away and couldn’t stop them. Heather’s hand went up my arm and she pulled the shirt off that arm. Quickly Wanda did the same and she tossed the shirt into the crowd. I was hearing a roar of approval from the guys in front of me. I was trying to get away from Janine and by now she had my shorts unbuttoned. With all the water that had been sprayed on them, they were sagging and my panties were showing. Janine’s hand grabbed my zipper and I felt it slide down.

My shorts were hanging on my hips…

Then Wanda and Heather grabbed them on each side and pushed down. The shorts slid down my legs until they were pooled around my ankles and my panties were the only things I had on. The roar got louder and louder. Wanda and Heather bent down and they lifted one foot, then the other and got my shorts off me completely. Now I was hearing the crowd yelling, “show your bush, show your bush”. Wanda lifted my shorts above her head and twirled them around, and then she tossed them into the crowd. I was so red faced. Janine pushed me up to the front of the stage and then the three of them quickly slipped off the stage into the crowd once more. I stood with my hands over my boobs and blushed so much. My panties were full of water too and were sagging and I didn’t know if I should grab them with one hand and try to cover my boobs with the other. But even with my embarrassment, I was getting a rush of pure power. I knew that everyone of the guys out there wanted me and me alone now. They wanted me to show my tits and even more. I certainly wasn’t going to do that, but the excitement I felt was exhilarating. The MC was asking me to show my tits. I turned and let them see my butt with my soaked panties sagging down. I wasn’t sure, but I thought the top of my butt crack was showing. I rolled my hips and let my butt shake for them. I was enjoying this too much. Finally I turned back to the crowd and slowly let my hands slip down. I was showing my tits! Even if they were little ones, the guys seemed to like them and the roars of approval was music to my ears. I was excited, very excited. I danced a little bit, showing them what they wanted to see and then dashed off the stage to loud roar of approval. When I entered the room, the girls stared at me in my panties and some glared at me. My friend came over to me.

“Not going to show off? You sure surprised me.”

I said, “Can’t believe I’m doing this!”

“Where are your shorts?”

“Oh shit! One of my friends threw them into the crowd!”

“Hpe that you don’t want them back, because you will never see them again.”

With those words I sat down, blushing, realizing that she was right. My shorts were gone forever. I looked around for my top and bra and couldn’t see them.

“Where is my top and bra? I left them there.”

I pointed to the table where I had set them. “A blonde came in here and took them.”

“This is all I have of my clothes.”

We both looked at my soaked underpants. The first girl was called and she left as I tried to wring the water out of my panties. The other girls left were staring at me, some with hostility at how much I had shown the crowd already and seeing their looks, I resolved not to go out for the third round. How could I in only my underpants? How could I go anywhere now? I looked around the room and there was nothing that I could use to cover myself and I started to get scared. How was I going to get back to our hotel in just panties? The first girl came back and looked at me with a smug look on her face. She had nice sized boobs, much bigger than mine and she was down to her panties also. As the others went on stage, I sat nervously, my mind racing, as I tried to figure out how was I going to get out of the bar dressed as I was. Every girl but one came back topless and a second one had stripped to her panties also. My friend came back in and my name was called. I sat and didn’t move. No way was I going back on that stage. Shortly after my name was called the second time, Heather and Wanda came into the room.

“Get up and get out there. You have to go out one more time if you want to win.”

“I’m not going out there like this. I don’t care if I win. How am I going to get out of here without being arrested?”

“You’re going on stage. C’mon girl.”

With that they grabbed my arms and dragged me to the door and up the stairs. I was trying to cover up but they held my arms down and I saw Janine waiting for me with her hands behind her back. She had that nasty smile on her face and my stomach lurched. What more could she do to me? Heather and Wanda led me to the guy with the water hose and I was drenched once more. Immediately my panties began to sag down on my hips and the guys were cheering loudly as they saw me.

My two friends took me to center stage and held me there, exposing my little boobs.


I began to dance, covering my boobs with my hands, blushing ferociously. My panties were hanging on me, but barely. Once I started dancing, though, the cheers and yells made me feel like I had the power once more. I started to give little flashes of my boobs and I really was getting excited. My three friends were dancing with me and I smiled at them. Janine danced behind me and I felt a touch on my hip. I started to reach down to grab my panties, but I didn’t realize that she had cut them with pair of scissors. The waistband was cut through and my panties were sliding down. I frantically grabbed for them but I missed as they slid further and further until they were laying on the stage. I dropped both my hands to cover my pussy and started to turn to run off the stage, but they grabbed me once more. My boobs were out in the open as I held both hands over my pussy. Heather and Wanda each grabbed one of my legs and Janine pulled both my arms back. I was looking out at the sea of faces in front of me, all of them, all the guys out there were cheering and yelling. I was so embarrassed; my face was all red. Janine made sure that I couldn’t cover my boobs by holding my arms back and as Heather and Wanda lifted me by my legs, my stomach lurched once more. I knew what they were going to do to me. The lifted me easily. I was the smallest of the four of us by far. When I was lifted up and was high enough that even the guys in the back could see me; Heather and Wanda pulled my legs apart. I wanted to die, I wanted to fall through the stage, and I wanted to be anywhere but here. They did it slowly, listening to the guys screaming as my legs opened. I was naked. I was being held up in the air in front of hundreds of guys. Janine reached around me and cupped my boobs and thumbed my nipples as I felt my labia pull apart. I wanted to die. They were showing me, showing all of me to the crowd. I turned my head so I did not have to look at the crowd. Heather and Wanda paraded me to all three sides of the stage, holding my legs wide open, showing my pussy to everyone. My nipples were stiff and poking out from the cold water and Janine’s fingering. My pussy felt wide open, wide enough that I felt people could see inside me. I was blushing very hard. But, I was extremely excited. I couldn’t understand the feelings that I had. I shouldn’t be excited; I should be embarrassed and ashamed. I was a little, but I was even more excited. They turned me and held me just like they had for the crowd for the MC and guy with the hose and all the other guys on stage. Everyone had a look at me, at my naked body, my pubic hair, my bush, my labia and even inside me, my boobs.


It took me a bit, but with how excited I was and with the realization that nothing I had was a secret anymore, I turned to Heather and then Wanda telling them to put me down. They both grinned at me and lowered my feet to the stage.

I got the three of them beside me.

“Dance with me, bitches.”

As I said that, I started dancing, this time with abandon, because I knew that there was nothing, not a part of me that was a secret anymore. I was blushing, but unashamed and I danced on that stage with no thought of covering myself. Now, after it made no difference, I didn’t care what they saw. They had seen it all anyway. I turned so my butt was facing the crowd and shook it for them. I bent over so they could look at my pussy between my legs. As I did that the MC squatted in front of me and looked up at me. I grinned at him and straightened up. Then I spread my feet apart a little more and tilted my hips forward. He stared right at my pussy and then looked up at me and grinned. I danced over to each man on that stage and let him look at me, look at any part of me that they wanted to see. I was pretty much out of control. Even without the water that had been sprayed on me I knew that my pussy had to be wet. The music kept playing behind me and I kept dancing. I even bent over and kissed several of they guys in the front row, making sure that my knees were open so they could see my pussy. God, I was excited!

The MC turned off the music and called for the other girls to come on stage. I stood to one side, naked with my hands on my hips, smiling at any guy that yelled at me. The other girls came up and two were pretty shocked to see me standing naked, three were openly hostile, and one left when she saw me. My friend from the contest came over to me and gave me a hug. We grinned at each other.

Then came the voting. The MC would hold his hand over each girl’s head and ask if she was the winner. When he did it to me, I started dancing and danced from one side of the stage to the other. I didn’t care anymore. And, I felt very free. I saw Heather, Wanda and Janine in front of the stage; applauding and cheering for me, which made me feel pretty brave. The MC made sure that he went through the line of us three times, keeping me and the topless girls out as long as he could.


Needless to say, as the only naked girl on stage, I won the $500.

The six of us remaining walked off the stage and I realized that I didn’t have a stitch to wear. I stopped by one of the big muscular guys and asked him for one of the large T-shirts they were selling with the bar logo.

He looked at me, looked me up and down and then with a grin, and gave me one, fear of charge. I dashed into the room and stripped as much of the water off my skin with my hands as I could. I could hear muttering from the others. I was called a slut, a whore, softly, but loud enough that I could hear. I didn’t care. I slipped the T-shirt over my head and tugged it down. It reached to the middle of my thighs and even if my nipples and bush showed through it at least I wasn’t naked anymore. My friends came charging in and hugged me, telling me that they hadn’t planned on doing what they did to me, but I seemed to be so into it that they went further. I hugged them back and smiled at them. I was at peace with the whole night and since the bar was still open for another hour, I said let’s go get some drinks.

We barreled out of the room and into the bar. I still got some cheers as I walked to the bar and ordered for the four of us. Janine paid for the drinks and we found a table, which was soon surrounded by guys, drooling hot and handsome men. I flushed again but sat back to enjoy the attention, something I never got at home or at school. The guys didn’t flock around me, because I was plain and I didn’t have boobs. But now that I had been naked in front of them, I was the queen and it felt good. I wondered to myself how many guys had seen me. It was an exciting thing to think about. Now that all these guys were around I was glad that I wasn’t a virgin, even if I hadn’t had sex that much before now. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe; I might be able to get a cute guy for at least part of the week.

I looked around at the guys surrounding us and wondered what else could I do for this kind of a rush.

My mind started to run through possibilities and I smiled at a hot guy who was smiling at me. I was in control here. I could have whatever, whomever  I wanted.

This could be fun, I thought.

A hell of a lot of fun.

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