Abormal Norma: Confessions of a Postmodern Slattern

Abormal Norma was supposed to have been the third book with Blue Moon but I stopped writing it when the company went kaput, then picked it up again for Olympia Press.

It is a somewhat experimental and kinky novel set in the same universe as  A Clockwork Orange — Norma is a a female Droogie.

I dedicate it to Kathy Acker because I started it as a short story long long ago in a workshop of hers at UCSD, just before she got cancer and died in Mexico.

I miss Kathy.  She was a great teacher and friend and mentor.

I also miss Raymond Federman, whom I also studied with and who also died of cancer last year.

All our teachers go

All our mentors a dream.

Abnormal Norma is only in ebook form right now but the print paperback editions should be up any day…

Kindle it here.

Olympia Press ebook here.

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