Sex in the City: London

My short story, “Shame Game,” appears in this anthology, Sex in the City: London, published by Xcite Books and edited by the unskinkable Maxim Jakubowski.

Mine is listed in the cover copy re: “Soho” —

In the first of this city-based series of outstanding erotica stories, the home town of Charles Dickens and Sherlock Holmes reveals its sexiest side. Never before has London been brought to life through such an unveiling of passion, love, lust and sadness. Nor has it shown so much glittering flesh or offered such sensual temptations. Or revealed its art of seduction in such detail, or exposed its unique sense of place in quite the same way.

Brand new stories from Matt Thorne, Kristina Lloyd, Justine Elyot, Carrie Williams, Marcelle Perks, Valerie Grey, and many other literary talents, are collected here to specifically celebrate and eroticise London. All brought to you by the editor of the bestselling Mammoth Book of Erotica series.

Behind closed doors in residential Richmond, there is a private gathering that enjoys the company of submissive girls.

At Blackfriars, a female commuter relinquishes control and surrenders to the darkest and kinkiest part of herself.

Imagine having the ability to become someone else after exploiting stolen luggage from Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

In Soho, one girl’s kidnap fantasies cross the line into something more than a daydream.

And these are just some of the stories that populate the riskier and more anonymous regions of London. Because cities are not just about monuments and museums and iconic places, they are also about people at love and play in unique surroundings.

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Direct from publisher.

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  1. thank you, articles is useful

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