Free Story! — A Short Fable About Her Stepfather

from an upcoming collection of fables, fairy tales, and fantasies…

A Short Fable about Her Stepfather

On Michelle’s 15th birthday, she had sex for the first time. It hadn’t hurt like she’d thought it would, but it hadn’t been very good either. It was sweaty and uncomfortable and over real quick. Since she was nine, Michelle had been reading her step dad’s porn magazines and watching his movies when no-one else was at home and she’d imagined what it would be like to be fucked and it was nothing like those things that had her dripping wet and pumping her pussy with her fingers.

Maybe I’m a lesbian, she thought. Maybe I can only get off with a girl’s fingers up my kitty?

She studied her naked body in the mirror. Her tits were full and mature B-cups with small but rock hard nipples. Her waist was thin and her hips were getting round and feminine. She’d recently started shaving off her ginger curls completely, wanting a smooth pussy for when she had sex. Her hair was shoulder length and straight, her eyes emerald green and her complexion pale with a few freckles.

Was that a lesbian body?

Maybe now that she’d broken up with Ronny she should look for a girlfriend instead of a new boyfriend.
The sun was shining and she was home alone so she stepped into a small bikini. With her shaved pussy she didn’t need much material below and her tits were young and firm so she only wanted minimal material covering them too.

She picked up a magazine and made her way to the pool. It was a beautiful early summer’s day and beyond their backyard was farmland, so the pool was not overlooked by any neighbors.
She started reading the stories and focusing on the pictures of two or more girls pleasuring one another. This didn’t turn her on much though so she soon moved on to the pictures of big hard cocks fucking those wet cunts.

What was wrong with her? Why hadn’t she been wet and orgasmic when R0onny fucked her? She was getting wet now. She moved one hand down to her snatch and pulled the bikini material to the side. She ran her fingers along her slit, feeling the moisture from her hole. She massaged her clit with a finger and then brought it up to taste her juices. Then she moved back down, sliding one finger in and out or her slippery cunt, then she fit in two fingers, then she fit in three fingers, her hand was moving at an incredible pace, she’d thrown the magazine to the side and her other hand war kneading one of her tits. She had three fingers inside and this was feeling so good, and she moaned out loud and hoped nobody could hear her.

With a small cry she came around her four fingers and her body shivered through the orgasm.
With her eyes closed she left her hand in her cunt as the waves of pleasure subsided. Why couldn’t a cock bring her pleasure like this? With a sense of shock she realized that she wasn’t alone anymore. She slowly opened her eyes and saw her step dad sitting down next to her. He pulled her fingers out of her cunt and licked them.
“You taste good, Michelle,” he said and caressed her tit.
“Thanks, Mike,” she said, not knowing what else to say.
“I know you like my magazines and movies,” he said. “Have you done anything that’s in them?”
“I have fucked, if that’s what you mean,” she replied.

She felt confused—this wasn’t a normal situation between her and her stepdad.
“Do you like it?” he asked.

His eyes were firmly fixed on her tits.
“Ronny and I only tried once and it was crap,” she said.


“I think I might be a lesbian.”
Mike laughed. “Not enjoying your first fuck doesn’t make you a lesbian. Did it hurt?”
“No, I didn’t feel anything and then it was over.”

“Young guys are like that. You need to learn with somebody more experienced.”
“Like me,”  nd he cupped her tit, running his thumb across the stiff nipple.
“You? But you’re almost forty years older than me! And you’re married to my mom!”
“That’s forty years more experience of fucking than any of your boyfriends have. And your mom has lost her interest in sex. She won’t even look at the porn that you find so interesting. So you’d be doing her a favor. By fucking me you’d keep me from going to a bar and picking up some stranger tonight.”
Michelle didn’t know what to think. She’d never thought of her step dad in a sexual way before. He was tall and had a fairly strong body for a guy his age, fifty-five. “I don’t know if I should have married an older man,” she once heard her mom say.  Her mom was thirty-eight.

Mike’s brown hair was starting to get grey and there were hints of grey in his goatee too. She looked at the goatee. One of his movies featured a man with a beard and the girl who was being eaten by him came more violently than any other. No boy Michelle knew had a beard – or was able to grow one for that matter.
“So what will it be?” Mike asked. “I’m not going to beg to fuck you, there’s plenty of willing pussy to go around. If you don’t want to try I’m going back to work.”
His words made her pussy tingle again and she was feeling wet. Who better than an experienced guy to see if she was a lesbian or not?

She stood up.
“Okay,” she said and walked towards the house, pulling her bikini off as she walked.

She could hear Mike undressing as he walked behind her and they soon reached her bedroom with the brand new double bed.

She turned around and looked at her stepdad who was now standing naked before her eyes.
“Do I meet with your approval?” he asked.
“Yes,” Michelle replied, taking in his hairy chest and his semi-erect cock. “How about me?”
“You have a wonderful body,” he murmured and walked up to her and pressed her against him and kissed her. “I’ve wanted you since you were eight. I should have fucked you back then.”
“You’re my step dad, Mike.  What about that?”
“Baby, I’m the only dad you’ve had for seven years, but that doesn’t make me want you any less. You have a hot body and if it wasn’t for you I would’ve left your mom for a younger and more willing pussy a long time ago. I’ve been waiting for this day. It should have been sooner.  On your eleventh birthday, I almost went into your room and . . .”

She grabbed him and kissed him.

“Shut up and do it,” she said.
They kissed each other passionately. Mike’s tongue invaded Michelle’s mouth and he devoured her. This was completely different from the kissing she’d experienced previously.

Her pussy was very wet.

She wanted to feel him.
“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said, calling him daddy for the first time since she was ten.
“Oh you turn me on when you say that,” he told her. “But trust me, we’re going to take this easy. Get on your knees, baby.”
She got on her knees and faced his cock.
“Suck on it.”
She’d never given a blowjob before and was unsure of what to do. She picked up the cock and licked the head tentatively. She let her tongue travel along the veins of the smooth piece of meat and smiled as it responded to her touch by growing larger. She licked his balls, one after the other and then she licked his cock again.

It wasn’t very long, seven inches or so, but it was at least twice as thick as Ronny’s cock had been.
“Oh yeah, baby,” her stepdad moaned. “Your tongue is so good, but now wrap your lips around it.”
She opened her mouth and felt his hands on her head. He guided his swollen cock into her mouth until he was gagging her. She closed her lips and tried to move her tongue across the cock in her mouth. With his hands on her head Mike started moving in and out of her mouth, slowly fucking her as she sucked on him as hard as she could. She let one hand grip the base of his cock and the other one cup his balls. She was enjoying this. It was just like the porn movies she’d watched. She was wondering if Mike was going to cum all over her face like the guys in those movies did.
All too quickly he pulled out and pulled her up on her feet. She was disappointed that he hadn’t cum all over her but he just laughed it off. “I don’t want to waste this load on a blowjob. I just wanted you to get me nice and hard. This load is for somewhere completely different. Just trust me.”
And Michelle trusted him. He made her lie down on her back on her bed and he placed himself between her thighs. His hands caressed the insides of her thighs as he parted her legs, opening her glistening cunt for him.
“So wet and ready,” he said. “This is going to be so good.”
With those words his face descended on her ready snatch and she gasped at the feel of his coarse facial hair against her sensitive pussy. He slowly lapped up all the escaped juices, from her butt crack to her clit. Over and over again. His tongue slowly caressed her while his beard tickled her. He used his hands to hold her hips in place as the pleasure was too much for her to handle. Then his tongue flicked across her clit before he closed in and sucked hard on it. She was moaning out loud. This was infinitely better than her own fingers. Then his tongue penetrated her, seeking its way deep inside her, lapping up her ready juices. He started tongue fucking her, slowly at first but then quicker, slurping up every drop of wetness she could produce. Then his tongue flicked her clit again, and fucked her again. The friction of his beard on her naked pussy added even more pleasure. She squeezed her tits hard and tried to hold on, but the pleasure between her thighs was more than she could handle. She cried out and her body started convulsing. Mike’s tongue was deep inside Michelle’s cunt when she came around it and he didn’t stop.
“Oh Daddy,” she sighed. “That was wonderful.”
Mike climbed up over her and kissed her deeply, sharing her sweet juices. “We haven’t even started, baby.”
He started kissing her tits, nibbling and biting her nipples. He moved his hands up to cup them and pull at them and within minutes Michelle felt as wet as she was before Mike had made her cum with that talented tongue of his. She wrapped her arms around him and moaned with pleasure.
“You’re a hungry daddy fucker, aren’t you?” he chuckled. “Can’t get enough of daddy Mike?”
He grabbed hold of her legs, parting them and looking at that wet cunt. He placed her legs over his shoulders and placed his heavy cock against the hungry snatch. Michelle moved her hips to feel more of the big cock. For a while Mike moved his hips against her, letting his balls fall against her ass as her wet slit moistened his fuck meat. Then he placed the engorged head against her opening and slowly started penetrating her. She gasped as she felt his size inside her. He had to move slowly to allow her time to adjust to his fully grown size. When he was deep inside her he stopped and rested there for a couple of seconds. Michelle sighed with pleasure. She loved how this big thick cock stretched her cunt.
Mike rested his hands on either side of Michelle and leaned forward to kiss her deeply. In the same movement his cock started sliding out of her and she protested before he slammed back inside. With a squishy noise he pounded himself deep inside her cunt again and then withdrew. In and out, harder and faster, he was pumping her. Each time he slammed inside her he stimulated her clit increasing the pleasure she felt even more. She moaned against his mouth. She’d already cum twice but she was inexperienced, she didn’t know how to hold back and her cunt soon started convulsing around his thick meat.
He didn’t let her rest, he quickly pulled out and got her on her hands and knees and slammed even deeper inside her cunt in doggie fashion. With his hands grasping a firm hold of her tits he pulled her up against his chest and nibbled at her neck as he kept slamming in and out of her hungry cunt. His balls slammed against her wet snatch and sent tingles from her clit. He was fucking her hard and deep, stopping briefly on occasion for her to feel that it was his hard meat that was filling her so good.
He reached down, stroking her clit. This made her cry out with passion. She was loving everything he did to her.
“I’m gonna cum again,” she said. “I can’t help myself.”
“Cum for me,” he whispered in her ear. “Cum for me and I’ll give you the biggest gift yet.”
Her cunt contracted around his engorged meat yet again he let out a roar and started releasing the load that’d been building up in his balls for the last hour. After his first shot he pulled out of her, sent her on her back and shot two more massive squirts over her tits and her face. Michelle lapped it up as his hand massaged her clit to finish off her last orgasm.
Soon he lay down next to her, scooping up some of his cum from her tit and feeding it to her hungry mouth.
“Do you still think you’re a lesbian?” he asked her.
“Probably not,” she replied, her cunt burning after the pounding it had endured. “But I think I need to try this a few more times before I’m sure.”
Mike laughed. “You’re an insatiable little daddy fucker, aren’t you? Well, don’t worry, you’ll be getting plenty daddy’s cock from now on. We just have to be careful so that your mom doesn’t find out.”

“And don’t knock me up,” Michelle said.

“We’ll get you on the pill.”
Next, he introduced her to shower fucking and by the end of it Michelle felt as though she couldn’t walk anymore. Mike didn’t look as though the day’s fucking had had any effect on him. That night he came to her again and continued to do so for the next five years, teaching her every single position and every single way to please a man, from anal sex to ass to mouth to golden showers and giving him rim-jobs.

By then he was sixty and she was twenty and she had other interests, other men, and he was too old to fuck.

But they both had nice memories.

The end.

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